Guidelines related to protection of your personal information.

Confidentiality & security of personal information. At Nordiques, we consider this issue very important while being mandatory for online purchasing. We are in position to offer you security, with confidence for your transactions. Your credit card number is not memorized in our computer programs.

Reason we need personal information at Nordiques...

To better you sales and best products for you needs. The information will never be shared at all. They can also allow us to improve our website be observing which pages & articles were of interest to you. They can also allow us to personalize the information given to you and serve for quality assurance. When do we collect the data from you.

When do we collect the dates from you?

When you place an order and we will ask for phone number, E-mail and credit card number. This will allow for proper ordering.

Who can access these information?

Nordiques staff exclusively are allowed to access the information to better serve you.

Your personal information is safe.

At Nordiques, we believe it to be part of our mission to protect this data: you can rest assured this as will.